From Waste Bins To New Things!

Transform plastic into new things
with creativity, knowledge and our machines
  • Plastic, as you know, is found everywhere and is discarded unconsciously by the vast majority of the population.
  • Let´s change this sad state of affairs and begin to collect, sort, shred and transform all this plastic into new beautiful and useful things.
  • Start recycling plastic now
Use discarded plastic to make a wide range of products.
With precision molds you can create accurate objects,
or produce run of the mill objects with simple molds
or start a small plastic filament factory or plastic beam factory,
the list goes on.
Arts & Exhibitions
Explore the potential of:
  • Creating installations
  • Exhibitions
  • Scenery
  • Sculpture and more by crafting unique and inspiring creations all made with recycled plastic
Building & Construction
Produce plastic materials in different forms and shapes from discarded plastic around you.
Make tiles, beams & bricks using precious plastic`s techniques and machines.
Start building useful things like ladders, chairs, fences, furniture and so on…

See some ideas below…

Flex your creative muscles and make vibrant, multicolored,handy and exemplary objects from junked plastic.
Modular & Customizable

Create standardized objects that are interchangeable allowing you to think big and grow your business beyond the machines.

Craft exclusive designs and patterns to develop lines of products that will catch the eye of everyone.

Jewelry & Decoration
Craft your own recycled plastic jewelry or decorative pieces and amaze your customers, family and friends.
Precision Molding

Willing to raise the bar?
Step up to the plate and create precise and intricate molds
to make professional looking products for your customers.
Practical & Useful
Capitalize on plastic’s strength & durability and create useful products or functional objects for your everyday life.
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