We Build Machines For A Better Future

Megatec. Center is a company dedicated to the production and comercialization of plastic recycling machines, machine kit, parts, accessories and recycled plastic creations.

The company was created in order to help people to recycle plastic in their homes, schools, offices, communities and more…

The project created by Dave Hakkens, named Precious plastic was a great incentive for Megatec.Center. Now we are dedicated to help people to save our environment.

Towards New Horizons

Preserving the environment depends to a large extent on the consciousness of individuals in a society. Citizenship must contemplate activities and notions that contribute to the prosperity of the environment.

In this way, it is important to know how to educate citizens of various ages, through education at home, training in schools, workshops, conventions and other places.

With the production of machines and the diffusion of the recycling process, we hope to reach a large number of people and achieve great goals in the shortest possible time.

A clean beach, a clean ocean, a clean city and who knows, the world, free of plastic pollution.

We are free to dream but we also have to work, encourage and sensitize everyone so that the world will be again the natural paradise that once was.


Start recycling today.


Ahh! This is what we are aiming for:)

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