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Precious Plastic is, by now, very well known in its effort to relieve the plastic pollution in the world, not to mention its praiseable work in educating and raising awareness about the plastic problem everywhere.
I have been participating in the project by machining, welding, building and finishing parts and machines for the community for about 2 years now and am very glad to discover that the community has grown enormously reaching out to every corner in the world, thus raising the need for more, powerful machines to be used for plastic recycling.

Recently, the Precious Plastic team has released Version 4 of the machines which are of semi industrial grade and this certainly will bring a lot of power to newcomers and already established plastic recycling groups all around the globe.

Megatec.Center will build these machines too in order to help to speed up the recycling process everywhere.

Here is a overview of all 3 Pro grade machines released:

Plastic Shredder Pro

Shredder Pro

📓 Type Double Shaft Shredder
💎 Version 1.0
⚖️ Weight 340 kg (approx.)
📦 Dimension 1205 x 550 x 1512 mm
⚙️ Blade width 6 mm
🔌 Voltage 400V
⚡️ AMP 16A
⏱ Monitoring interval time 1h
⚙️ Geared Motor
– Nominal Power 3kW
– Nominal Torque 1500 Nm
– Output Speed 15-20rpm
Service Factor 1,2 (3kW)


Plastic Extrusion Pro

Extrusion Pro wide

📓 Extrusion Pro information

📓 Type Single Screw
💎 Version 1.0
⚖️ Weight (inc frame) 110 kg
📦 Dimension 1500 x 600 x 1550 mm
⚙️ Power (W) 5 kW
🔌 Voltage 220V~380V
⚡️ AMP 16A
♻️ Input Flake Size Small
🔩 Screw diameter 30mm
🔩 Length of screw (mm) 790 mm
🔩 Effective screw length 600 mm
🔩 Rated Motor Power 3 kW
– Rated Motor output Torque 109 Nm
– Rated Motor output speed 263 RPM
– Max. Motor and Inverter power 3 kW
– Recommended motor shaft 30 mm
– Heating zones 3
– Heating power: max. 2 kW


Sheetpress V1


📓 Sheetpress information

📓 Type Sheetpress
💎 Version 1
⚖️ Weight 450kg (Sheetpress)
📦 Sheetpress Dimension 1620 X 1620 X 1780 mm
🔌 Voltage 220V~380V
⚡️ AMP 32A
⚡️ Power 15kW
♻️ Input Flake Size Large, Medium, Small
Max Running Time 8 hours per day
Max temp 300°C
Tested Plastics HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS
Using foils? Yes
Input Between Plates 300mm
Size of Sheet 1000 x 1000 mm
Range of Sheet Thickness 4 – 35mm
Sheets Per Day (12mm) 3
Sheets Per Day with full system (12mm) 10


Good luck for those willing to help to clean the environment from plastic pollution:)

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