The Pro Machines Are Here!

Now you can recycle even more with the new semi industrial machines!

Plastic Waste Is Everywhere!

Hundreds of  tons of plastic are discarded everyday.
Nature and Wild Life are suffering everywhere.
Do not let your children and grandchildren find the planet like this.

Fauna and Flora Thank You.

Start your plastic recycling business and help the planet!

Benefits Of Using The Machines

open-source symbol

Open Source Based Machines

The machines are based on Open Source projects kindly made available by Dave Hakkens on the website:


Stainless Steel, Steel and Iron

We modified the Design of the machines and we use Stainless Steel for the important parts, Steel for the other parts and Iron for the structure.


Earn Money with Recycling

The machines are designed to be modular, affordable, easy to operate and help people recycle plastic.
Make money while helping to save the planet.

Things You Can Do With The Recycling Machines

Crie Produtos


You can make a number of different products with each machine.
Lamps, pots, bowls, vases, baskets, Tiles, Beams and the list goes on.
Your creativity is the limit!
Start recycling today!

tools ferramentas

Accessories & Tools

You could create tools and accessories for yourself or
your community in addition to buckets, boxes, doorknobs, cables, plugs, clipboards, rods, stools,  shovels, baits, and more!
Start recycling today!

matéria prima filamentos

Raw Material

The plastic can also be turned into granules and pellets for extrusion, compression and injection or filaments for 3d printing machines or beams that can be cut and machined.
Start recycling today!

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